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Set in 902 ACE, Danelaw is a 4 x 1 hr TV drama charting the story of Ingrid, a Viking woman fighting to reclaim her village from Godric, a rival Saxon Earl, among the sometimes violent political upheaval in a time where nothing is quite as it seems.


A serial drama following the life of small-town Detective Inspector Andie Case.  The stories work along the lines of Whitechapel and Silent Witness where the case extends through the whole season, and where everything isn't always clear cut....

Wolf Women

1099 A.D.  The Normans have long conquered England, but in a southerly corner, inaccessible and remote, a small castle and its surrounding hold sit forgotten by the rest of the realm - Ulfdam.  Benyan, the new, inexperienced priest meets three women of the town that threaten to undermine him for very different reasons - Alendra, the dying Lord's daughter; Maya, the wise woman holding a torch for the Old Ways; and Tora, the blacksmith's wife, not yet thirteen, pregnant and fearful for her life.  When a local man mysteriously disappears, Benyan realises the three women are colluding and through visions, Benyan is determined to get to the truth.

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Lady Zeppelin

A female-led steampunk thriller with romantic undertones set in an alternate-universe Victorian England.

Kitty White is a celebrated artist and celebrity, married to the esteemed inventor, Adam White.  When Adam mysteriously falls to his death from their windmill home, Kitty suspects murder made to look like a very unlikely suicide.  Armed only with the evidence that the blueprint of Adam’s latest idea - a machine that could fly - was stolen the night of his death, Kitty’s determination to get to the truth and bring her husband’s killers to justice takes her through smog-ridden London, into the homes of the greatest inventors of the age and into the most immediate danger.  Resisting the advances of a former love and attempting to hoodwink some of the greatest minds of the age, Kitty begins to realise that the theft, murder, and even the missing schematics are only the beginning of a much darker, thicker plot which could see the Empire shaken to its very foundations.

Every Shadow

Sophia comes home for the holidays to visit her doting father, bringing along her new boyfriend Jase.  But tensions instantly run high, as Jase begins to realise his potential future father-in-law David's jealousness threatens to overwhelm his and Sophia's relationship; and that he has been told the truth by neither of them.

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Mrs Oscar Wilde

Constance Lloyd is rarely remembered in literary history. A feminist, a writer and a mother, she is rather remembered as the wife of one of the most infamous Victorians – Oscar Wilde.

From her childhood days suffering at the hands of her abusive mother to blossoming into a young woman of society, Constance’s story is intriguing and varied. She had her own income, she brought up her two small children almost single-handedly and was one of the most well-known faces and names among the celebrities of London in the late 1800s.

Mrs. Oscar Wilde is a presentation of her life, told using excerpts of accounts in her own hand in letters to those she knew and loved, revealing a wit that rivaled Oscar’s himself, a sense of humour dry and winning and a sense of self that will have every audience member rooting for the tragic heroine from beginning to end.

The Pendle Witch

1636. Lancaster Castle - The Witches' Tower. You are imprisoned, awaiting trial, crammed into a cell with a solitary woman who has been here for years. She tells you the story that lead to her being imprisoned, beginning at a Witchcraft Trial, twenty-four years previously.

But she was not the accused witch. In 1612, she was nine, and she was a witness for the prosecution against the Witches Of Pendle, including her own brother, sister, and mother. In this story, the infamous Jennet Device herself tells her version of the events which lead to the hanging of ten people - impossible, had it not been for Jennet's testimony - and how her fortunes fared since then.

The Witch In The Woods

Set in 700 A.D., The Witch In The Woods is the story of Maya, the wise woman to a local village. Bitter at the changes that have happened to her village and community since the Christianization of the isles, she finds herself increasingly ostracised and even abused by the very people she and her female ancestors have spent their lives dedicated to helping and advising. Now she ekes out her existence alone in the woods near to her former home, while the tales about her grow and attitudes towards her ‘backward’ way of doing things sour… But even out in the woods, there is no peace, and Maya’s rage is close to boiling point…

The Storyteller

a telling of Bardic stories, old and new... With a little audience interaction as well!

The stories include:

The Birth of Sleipnir - The tale of how Odin's legendary eight-legged horse came into being.
The Lady and The Knight - An a cappella song about love and the wrath of the old gods.
The Wise Woman's Spell - When a young villager is confronted with unrequited love, he visits the local cunning woman to help resolve his problem.
The Two Brothers - When one brother loses his elder, he covers the earth in search of him.


1942. The Blitz has been systematically decimating major British cities for two years, but life soldiers drastically, emotionally, anxiously on. Maggie has an illicit hot date tonight, rudely interrupted by suspicious long-time friend Roger. But when he confronts her about the affair, the bombs really start falling...

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